Tax advising services

Legal activities of the tax advicer

1. giving professional opinions and comments to the tax payers, by their order and for
    their account, in relation to the tax obligations,
2. book-keeping and registering for tax purposes by the order and for the account of the     clients plus any kind supporting services,
3. preparing tax declarations by the order and for the account of the clients.

History of the Office

"ACCOUNT" Tax and Financial Office was established in 1991 in Warsaw. Till July 2003 was acting as the civil company of two shareholders. The company change the legal status for limited company under the name Tax and Accounting Office "ACCOUNT" Ltd.

Our Clients

We provide professional tax and financial services to the trade companies and the administrative authorities from the public finance sector.


1. Tax advising
2. Financial services
3. Trade transactions legal support
4. Tax auditing, interior controlling (trade companies and public sector)
5. Social insurance and payroll statements