Payroll services:

  • implementing the info bases of the personal date of the staff, back-up making
  • counting the salaries of the workers including grants and cuts according to the social
        insurance rules, agreements and other interior regulations
  • counting the net salaries, taxes etc.
  • preparing and sending the necessary tax declarations PIT 8A, PIT-4 to the Tax
        Authorieties and IFT-1 forms according to the individual requirements
  • counting the rates of the social insurance for the workers
  • sending on line the social insurance declarations ZUS DRA, ZUS RCA, ZUS RSA, ZUS
  • preparing the monthly payrolls statements
  • completing the tax declarations: PIT-11, PIT8B, IFT-1R, PIT-40
  • preparing and sending the required instructions for bank transfers related to the
        social insurance and tax obligations
  • communication with The Social Insurance and Tax Authorities
  • preparing the payroll reports according to the agreement with client